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Simon Cowell whitening package for only £499 (save £300)

'Lunch time Zoom LED' whitening only £120 (save £280)

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It shouldn't have to hurt

Experience pain free Dentistry

Have a positive relationship with your oral health

Remember Prevention is Better than cure. Come and see us.

Risk assessment would help you to keep smiling forever

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Did You Always want Straight White Teeth?

Let us help you make the correct choice to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Amazing results with Invisalign or Fixed cosmetic braces (six months smile, Fast brace, Quick straight teeth or In-man systems)

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Beautiful skin requires commitment...

Free consultation and Bespoke treatments

Anti-Wrinkle, Dermal fillers, Hybrid Fillers, Skin peels and Dermal resurfacing.

Predictable and Immediate Results

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Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life

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Experience the best clinic in Islington


A Model’s Secret; da vinci’s golden ratio for your face analyses.

Looking for a dentist in Islington? Call our reception on 0208 127 4567 or Whats App 0797 491 02 for more information or an appointment with a Dentist in Islington with over 11 years of experience and 5 star Google rating!

What more, he’s also trained in Medical Skin aesthetic treatments, performed over 500 cases last year with 5 star results. In addition to the anti-wrinkle botox injections, dermal filler injections, lip augmentation, liquid face lift, acne treatment, Dental & Skin is one of very few clinics providing a comprehensive face assessment, using a cannula technique and providing the latest non-surgical treatments like non surgical nose rejuvenation, tear trough treatment and jaw/chin augmentation.



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Satisfied Patients

We use the Latest Generation of Materials, Equipment and Techniques ensuring Best Possible Quality.

"Dr Vishal Patel provided excellent invisalign treatment, it was as explained, fast and easy. The clinic is very relaxing, very happy with the care I received. Thank you."

− Laura

" I have been getting derml fillers for many years from a Harley street doctor so I was expecting a similar plan to what I normally have done. Dr Patel suggested some improvements with a unique assessment and treatment plan. I now have more balance and less wrinkles, definitely 5 stars "

− Julia

"Very happy with cosmetic brace at Dental & Skin. Very friendly and knowledgeable clinic, they are experts at making people smile."

− Jonathan

"Amazing results, thank you! I would like to recommend Dental & Skin. If you are looking for a dentist to save your teeth, make an appointment to see Dr Vishal Patel"

− Lein

Accessible to All

Anti-Wrinkle, Derml fillers and Skin Peels at an accessible clinic in Islington. Serving city of London, Hackney, Stoke Newington, Islington, Camden. Offering Free Consultation for anti-ageing and Invisalign in Islington.

Specialist on Board

We work with specialist’s who provides our patients with the best possible treatment outcomes. We have an oral surgeon, an endodontist, a periodontist and an implantologist. Our team would ensure that our patients get the best possible care available in UK today.

Evidence Based Techniques

We believe in continuous improvement in our service and we apply the same ethos in our clinical work. We continuously update our knowledge and skills to provide you with the new research in skin aesthetics and dentistry.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Our dentist in Islington N1 take time to understand patients long term needs. We then devise a plan to help improve and maintain desired results. Our Dental & Skin team in Islington N1 will also provide support and guidance on prevention techniques, to ensure our patients remain healthy.

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

Private Dentistry

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Why should I pay for private dentistry while the NHS offer dentistry for a subsidized price? Especially when NHS dentistry may appear to be providing a great service for many years to yourself and your family.

Many patients feel that their NHS dentist has offered excellent treatment over many years. This is true to an extent, however in some cases, the quality of prevention care, diagnoses and treatment quality falls below par due to lack of time and high volume of patients that a NHS dentist would see in a day.

We live in an age where a single cavity could be avoided. Decay and gum disease can both be prevented with carefully planned risk assessment, examination of your mouth, prevention advice, oral hygiene therapy, diet advice and conservative treatments. This approach of dentistry would mean that patients are keeping their natural teeth for as long as possible, thereby reducing cost over a long period of time, while providing comfortable smile and function (eating, speaking).

Director at Dental & Skin, Islington dentist take pride in providing restorative treatment to get patients back to normal appearance and function. Our preventive treatments and advise would further reduce risk towards dental decay and gum disease.

Please see the table below that summarizes the current dentistry in UK.

Islington Private Dentist NHS Dentistry
Availability Immediate Few weeks to months
Time with patients Relaxed Rushed
Examination appointment 45 minutes to an hour 10 to 15 minutes
Assessment Thorough and accurate with explanation of findings. Quick scan, often missed disease due to lack of time.
Assessment checklist 20 to 25 points 5 to 7 points
Hygiene clean 30 to 60 minutes 2 to 7 minutes
Prevention High amount of choices. Little advice and choices.
Innovation Latest techniques Often old techniques
Materials and equipment State of the Art Satisfactory
Cost short term Low to high. (depends on clinic location) Very Cheap, often haircuts are more expensive.
Cost over long term Low as patients would benefit from preventative dentistry. Healthy and natural teeth are cheaper to maintain. High cost due to failing treatments and lack of prevention strategy especially dental decay and gum disease treatments.
Dentist profile Passionate and energetic practitioners who treat on average only 6 to 8 patients per day. Experienced but tired practitioners who treat on average 25 to 35 patients per day.
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Invisalign Islington

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A famous quote ‘you are never fully dressed without a smile’

We live in an age were ‘looking good’ is a choice. The primary area for pleasant appearance are mouth and eyes. Symmetry and balance can be achieved by having straight teeth using invisalign aligners or a cosmetic brace systems like Six Months Smile.

At Dental & Skin, you will have various options available to help you improve your smile. We will listen to your concerns, understand your lifestyle and recommend the most suitable treatment to straighten your teeth.

What makes Dental & Skin the best clinic for invisalign in Islington ?

We have a special interest in Restorative & Aesthetic dentistry. This means that our utmost priority is optimum long term stability of your teeth. We design your smile to ensure perfect appearance that improves overall health of your mouth. We do this by examination of your articulatory system, along with the way your teeth bite together. We are able to understand growth problems that may have contributed to the crowding of teeth or misshapen mouth. We analyse our findings when constructing your treatment plan for a long-lasting healthy smile.

Invisalign vs Six Month Smiles ?

Both offer a perfect solution to straighten your teeth. Invisalign being more discreet of the two, however patients are happy to have braces to improve smile. Invisalign is a removable brace therefore you can choose to have them out for important meetings and events.

Fixed braces offer a slightly more cost effective alternative. There are no real disadvantages with fixed cosmetic braces as the latest nickle titanium wires are white in colour and the brackets are white too.

Our Islington dentist’ have expertly treated a wide variety of cases achieving fantastic results. We utilise the most reliable, scientifically proven materials and methods. Dental & Skin offers comfortable and relaxing environment, we ask our patients to relax and to enjoy the experience.

If you are googling Invisalign Islington, Invisalign London, Cosmetic braces Islington or Cosmetic Brace London be sure to get in touch.

Dental & Skin. Call 02081274567 or WhatsApp 07974910222 to book an appointment.

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Dermal Filler and Botox treatment

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Dental & Skin provides treatment to reverse time for your skin utilising Botox and Dermal fillers, the treatment has become a hot topic amongst London aesthetic practitioners.

Skin looses elasticity and sags down due to several reasons, specifically loss of fat pads, loss of elastin and slow down in collagen production are the main culprits. However living in London has its downfalls as skin is easily damaged by pollution, smoking,  stress and dehydration.

Top 5 reasons for Dental & Skin anti-ageing treatment with Botox and Dermal Fillers

1) Botox and Dermal filler therapy, its perfect for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and for non surgical face lift.

2) Combining therapies to improve skin quality with provides a holistic approach, the results are long term and natural.

3) Low downtime as our technique ensures lower chance of bruising, controlled procedure means faster healing.

4) Careful use of latest innovation in filler technology for natural effect.

5) Get treated by an expert in skin aesthetics.

As popularity of aesthetic medicine increases, it is important for customers to seek a practitioner who is passionate about skin aesthetics. Customers should ensure that the clinic is CQC registered, thus ensuring that appropriate cross infection control and maintenance of equipment is regularly carried out at the clinic.

Treatment with derml filler and Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and very effective. They can be used to treat a wide variety of cases, especially skin that has lost its elasticity and volume.


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Skin Peels London

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It has become apparent that skin peels can dramatically plum up skin by naturally inducing collagen production; thereby reduce fine lines, wrinkles and roughness caused by ageing. We are also able to treat blemishes, acne and scaring with superficial glycolic peels.

Here are 5 reasons for its popularity-

Fast and simple procedure: a) remove make up b) cleanse the skin c) apply skin peel solution for 5 minutes d) neutralize the skin peel solution e) cooling skin f) apply sun protection cream or bionic lotion. The whole process takes about 20 to 30 minutes so we can fit you in during your work lunch hour.

Better skin quality: Skin peels with glycolic acid removes the dead layer of skin, thereby stimulating new healthy skin production. With age new skin production slows down, skin peel would to kick start new cell formation within skin.

Stimulates Collagen growth: Skin peels work by stimulating the collagen fibers, located about 4 layers deep within your skin. More collagen would mean increased elasticity in your skin thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Low down time: We are absolutely confident in our superficial glycolic skin peel. As most patients can go back to work straight after a peel, we call it a ‘lunch-time skin peel’. As with most superficial skin peels, patients see no peeling or redness. Each patient will be advised on which skin care products to use afterward to enhance the effects of the peel.

Affordable: Skin peels are affordable at £69 per peel, however package of 6 peels will save you even more. To see great results 3 to 6 peels would be needed with intervals of 3 to 4 weeks. So our package of £320 for 6 peels work out just over £50 per peel. This includes couple of small preparation gels and a full size bespoke packaged aftercare cream. Total saving of £150 with Dental & Skin peel package.

As popularity of Skin Peel increases, it is important for customers to seek a practitioner who is passionate about skin aesthetics. The glycolic acid skin peel can cause damage if not used by a trained professional practitioner. Patients should ensure that the clinic is CQC registered and maintains high standard cross infection control. Patients should realise that Dental & Skin is committed to provide a high standard of care, we are regulated by UK GDC and CQC.

Visit us for skin rejuvenation treatments that are affordable, safe and effective. Call reception on 02081274567 to book an appointment.

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Anti wrinkle injections and Volumising fillers Islington

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5 reason to have Botox injections and Dermal Fillers at Dental & Skin, Islington.

London aesthetic practitioners have seen a high demand and interest in Anti-wrinkle botox treatment and dermal filler treatment, in particular lips dermal fillers.

Safe: Cosmetic procedures such as Anti Wrinkle botox or azzalure injections and dermal fillers are very safe. Anti-wrinkle injection material consist of a proven and natural, purified protein. Dermal Filler is made up of naturally occurring product hyaluronic acid (HA) it contributes to volume and hydration.

Low down time: There is no down time for botox or azzalure injections and dermal fillers procedures at all, however occasionally, some patients get minor swelling or bruising due to the needle. As this can be masked by makeup, patients can continue their daily routine.

Medical Reasons: Anti wrinkle (botox) injections can be used to treat excessive sweating and it can also be used to relax jaw muscles to help stop grinding of teeth or clenching teeth.

Confidence: As we get older it’s natural for our skin to loosen and wrinkle to appear on our faces. Often we find that wrinkles can knock confidence. With the latest techniques we can address the problem areas that are bothering you to rebuild your confidence again.

Non-Permanent: Many people think that Anti wrinkle botox or azzalure injections and HA fillers are permanent. This not the case, botox or azzalure anti wrinkle injections last between 3 to 6 months and some cases even longer. Dermal Filler last from 6 to 24 month. Dermal Fillers can also be dissolved, so if after some time, you desire your appearance to be modified, fillers can be dissolved so that you get your natural skin back.  

As popularity of anti wrinkle and skin cosmetic treatment grows, it is important for customers to seek a CQC registered clinic and a practitioner with medical or dental background. These procedures should not be performed in salon settings, as they do not provide the level of hygiene required to prevent infections.

Visit us for a skin consultation to see how we can help to improve your appearance.


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Teeth whitening London

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Teeth whitening has become very popular over the past few years in London. This trend is consistent with all large cities around the world. Historically, teeth whitening price has been very high, so only reserved for media celebrities and high earners. Development in technology has made teeth whitening less time consuming and affordable. Use of LED brilliant white light accelerates whitening process. The shade or colour difference we achieve now with 45 minutes LED whitening is same as a week of overnight whitening.

Here are 5 reasons for whitening your teeth.
It’s Safe: When undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is vital not to damage natural tooth. We utilise whitening procedure that has been scrutinized through university research on its safety concluding that there is absolutely no damage to the tooth enamel. Teeth whitening does not have any long-term side effects. The only short-term side effects are teeth sensitivity and gum irritation, lasting on average for 2 days.
It’s Affordable: Right now is the best time to get teeth whitening. The price of in-chair teeth whitening has crashed by 600% over the past 10 years. The quality and technique has improved at the same time. Do you really need more reasons to smile wider with white teeth?

Improve Self-Confidence: With whither teeth comes a bigger smile. The simple fact is that, if you are happy about whiteness of your teeth, you are likely to smile more. A wide smile is attractive and it also reflects confidence. If your work involves speaking in front of large groups of people you will be more confident because you know your teeth are looking good and so are you.

Get ready for Special occasions: Birthdays, Weddings, job interviews or school reunions, people always want to look their best. Teeth whitening at Dental & Skin, London is the simplest way to improve your smile.

Achieve Fast results: Teeth whitening has never been so easy. People don’t need to take time off work as it can be done in an hour. Patients can pop in for a relaxing treatment while on their lunch break.

As popularity of teeth whitening increases, it is important for public to be aware that only a qualified dentist can carry out teeth whitening. The premises that provide teeth whitening must be registered with care quality commission. This means that teeth whitening at hair solons or at someone’s home is illegal. Patients should realize that teeth whitening is safe and very effective if carried out in a controlled, hygienic and safe environment by a qualified dentist.

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What can we do to help reduce your dental anxiety?

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Whether you had a previous bad experience with dentistry or just have unknown fear about dental treatment, you are not alone, fear of dental treatment tops the list of fears for most people.

Many people get anxiety that’s completely understandable, like before boarding a flight, jumping at the deep end of a swimming pool or travelling alone to a new city. Dental anxiety is somewhat similar, it’s widely acknowledged and completely acceptable to be anxious of dental procedures.

Going to the dentist brings out a strong emotional response for many people. Avoiding or just going to dentist solely for dental emergency is the worst mistake anyone can make. The way to feel comfortable in a dental clinic is by attending regularly for dental examination and gentle dental treatments, like polishing of teeth or teeth whitening. When confidence in your dentist has been achieved, more complex treatment can be undertaken with ease. Most dentists have a special technique to deal with anxious patients. At Dental & Skin we successfully treat anxious patients on daily basis. We do this with ease, as our clinic is naturally calm, our process refined and our staff show genuine empathy towards all patients.

Here at Dental & Skin we try our very best to make each patient feel comfortable. Most patient’s anxiousness is usually eliminated within the first 10 minutes of consultation. We use distraction techniques to keep patients mind off dentistry. We also provide wireless headphones during treatment to help cut out dental equipment noise. Our patients will have a wide selection of music to choose from, we ask our patients to lay back and pretend they are on a holiday. When we hear our patients snoring, it’s a sign of success in the dental chair.

We request patients to build the courage by visiting for a dental check-up or a chat. We will provide various options to build confidence. We have a holistic approach to help reduce dental anxiety permanently. We use combination of therapies and medication. We have an expert massage therapist on board, a relaxing massage just before treatment definitely helps to relax patients before treatment. We can also prescribe oral sedatives to bring on even more controlled relaxation.

We are available to meet our potential clients for a chat or consultation. Come and speak to us for a free dental treatment quote. Best to call reception on 02081274567 or WhatsApp 07974910222.

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