Dermal Filler and Botox treatment

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  • 18/05/2016

Dental & Skin provides treatment to reverse time for your skin utilising Botox and Dermal fillers, the treatment has become a hot topic amongst London aesthetic practitioners.

Skin looses elasticity and sags down due to several reasons, specifically loss of fat pads, loss of elastin and slow down in collagen production are the main culprits. However living in London has its downfalls as skin is easily damaged by pollution, smoking,  stress and dehydration.

Top 5 reasons for Dental & Skin anti-ageing treatment with Botox and Dermal Fillers

1) Botox and Dermal filler therapy, its perfect for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and for non surgical face lift.

2) Combining therapies to improve skin quality with provides a holistic approach, the results are long term and natural.

3) Low downtime as our technique ensures lower chance of bruising, controlled procedure means faster healing.

4) Careful use of latest innovation in filler technology for natural effect.

5) Get treated by an expert in skin aesthetics.

As popularity of aesthetic medicine increases, it is important for customers to seek a practitioner who is passionate about skin aesthetics. Customers should ensure that the clinic is CQC registered, thus ensuring that appropriate cross infection control and maintenance of equipment is regularly carried out at the clinic.

Treatment with derml filler and Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and very effective. They can be used to treat a wide variety of cases, especially skin that has lost its elasticity and volume.


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