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  • 18/05/2016

Why should I pay for private dentistry while the NHS offer dentistry for a subsidized price? Especially when NHS dentistry may appear to be providing a great service for many years to yourself and your family.

Many patients feel that their NHS dentist has offered excellent treatment over many years. This is true to an extent, however in some cases, the quality of prevention care, diagnoses and treatment quality falls below par due to lack of time and high volume of patients that a NHS dentist would see in a day.

We live in an age where a single cavity could be avoided. Decay and gum disease can both be prevented with carefully planned risk assessment, examination of your mouth, prevention advice, oral hygiene therapy, diet advice and conservative treatments. This approach of dentistry would mean that patients are keeping their natural teeth for as long as possible, thereby reducing cost over a long period of time, while providing comfortable smile and function (eating, speaking).

Director at Dental & Skin, Islington dentist take pride in providing restorative treatment to get patients back to normal appearance and function. Our preventive treatments and advise would further reduce risk towards dental decay and gum disease.

Please see the table below that summarizes the current dentistry in UK.

Islington Private Dentist NHS Dentistry
Availability Immediate Few weeks to months
Time with patients Relaxed Rushed
Examination appointment 45 minutes to an hour 10 to 15 minutes
Assessment Thorough and accurate with explanation of findings. Quick scan, often missed disease due to lack of time.
Assessment checklist 20 to 25 points 5 to 7 points
Hygiene clean 30 to 60 minutes 2 to 7 minutes
Prevention High amount of choices. Little advice and choices.
Innovation Latest techniques Often old techniques
Materials and equipment State of the Art Satisfactory
Cost short term Low to high. (depends on clinic location) Very Cheap, often haircuts are more expensive.
Cost over long term Low as patients would benefit from preventative dentistry. Healthy and natural teeth are cheaper to maintain. High cost due to failing treatments and lack of prevention strategy especially dental decay and gum disease treatments.
Dentist profile Passionate and energetic practitioners who treat on average only 6 to 8 patients per day. Experienced but tired practitioners who treat on average 25 to 35 patients per day.

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