Assessments and Investigations

  • Highest level of dental examination and diagnosing
  • Based on latest dental research and evidence-based practice
  • Your tailor made treatment plan.

At Dental & Skin we aim to provide the highest level of dental examination and diagnosing available. The Dental & Skin Examination comprises of a thorough tooth and oral soft tissue examination.

In addition we construct full assessment of your oro-facial system, made up of the jaw joints and muscles controlling the joints.

All our patients will receive cancer screening during their oral health assessment, which involves examination of oral mucosa and lymph nodes.

Dental & Skin practices evidence based preventive dentistry; therefore our analysis will include risk assessment and appropriate advice to reduce risk. We do this to ensure our patients receive maximum protection.

Dental & Skin is proud to be one of the first users of International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) and International Caries Classification and Management System (ICCMS) when assessing for cavities.

Our incorporation of this gold standard model of assessment and management of dental cavities reflects how we strive to utilise the latest dental research to benefit our patients.

We aim to involve you in each step of your tailor made treatment plan at Dental & Skin. Following examination, investigation and analysis, our dentist will discuss their findings and present a range of treatment options and prevention advice to reduce future risk.

Specific time is allocated for questions and discussion of your individual treatment plan. Your detailed plan will be printed with all costs involved.

We know many questions will arise once you leave Dental & Skin so please don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime via phone, WhatsApp or email.


How long with my first assessment take?

At Dental & Skin we book all our patients for an hour. This allows time to accurately detect, diagnose and discuss your oral health.

How is the Dental & Skin examination method different from other dental examinations?

In addition to a detailed oral health assessment, which includes examination for early signs of cancer, our dentists spend extra time assessing facial proportion and symmetry. We also believe prevention is better than cure. Systems like ICDAS and ICCMS allow accurate diagnosis and preventive treatment. Please follow the link for more information about these systems.

What should I do before my visit?

We recommend you provide us with information on any specific requirements you may have, like wanting treatment at your visit or anything that you would like us to do to make you comfortable in the dental setting. We will try our upmost to meet your requirements.
Our dentists advise brushing your teeth before visiting. It is not in any form a mandatory requirement, however clean teeth allow quicker and easier visual examination of your teeth. If you didn’t get a chance to brush your teeth before your appointment, it’s not a problem.

What if I do not want a full assessment, could I opt to just have specific treatment?

We recommend a full assessment; however if you would like to have a particular treatment without assessment then please inform us in advance so that we book for an appropriate length of time.

What if I decide to change my mind after agreeing a treatment plan?

At Dental & Skin, our patients can change their plan to suite their budget and lifestyle. Please inform us as soon as possible so that we can alter the plan to suite your needs.

Dental Hygiene

  • We learn about your habits and precisely examine your oral hygiene
  • Visual aids to help you understand the location of plaque in your mouth.
  • Our dentists are passionate about promoting optimum oral hygiene
  • We provide you with bespoke hygiene protocol.

Oral Hygiene Assessment

At Dental & Skin we can provide expert support and guidance to improve your oral hygiene. We use a disclosing liquid to calculate percentage of teeth that are covered in plaque. This process allows visual understanding of plaque in your mouth; our dentist or hygienist would then discuss techniques to help reduce the plaque effectively.

How is disclosing liquid used?

Disclosing liquid is simply applied to your teeth. It would allow visualization of new (pink) and old plaque (blue). If the total amount of plaque is found to be less than 15%, your hygiene is considered decent.

Would oral hygiene assessment help me?

Oral hygiene assessment usually works in conjunction with oral hygiene therapy. It aims to equip patients with techniques for optimal oral hygiene. The obvious benefits are lower risk of dental decay and gum disease. However, maximizing oral hygiene also enables existing fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers to achieve their full life potential.

Oral Hygiene Therapy

At Dental & Skin, we believe that prevention is better than cure. We use information gathered through consultation and examination to provide risk assessment and prevention therapy protocol.

Our dentists are passionate about promoting optimum oral hygiene; we will provide advice, technical help, demonstrations and support towards brushing, interdental cleaning (flossing and interdental brushing), smoking cessation and healthy eating.

At Dental & Skin oral hygiene therapy includes careful removal of build-up from in-between your teeth and around your teeth, together with a home oral hygiene regime. We provide our patient’s with bespoke hygiene plans to help prevent decay and gum disease.

Is oral hygiene therapy the same as a traditional scale and polish?

At Dental & Skin, we believe in providing treatment that provides value and benefit to health. For patients who just want to get their teeth clean for cosmetic reasons, we offer scaling and air polishing to bring your teeth back to youth.
However, our aim is to provide hygiene therapy in conjunction with oral hygiene assessment for a long-term benefit.

Is oral hygiene therapy painful?

We find that a vast majority of patients undergo hygiene therapy on regular basis without any discomfort. However, those patients with active inflammation may feel mild discomfort. We are keen to maintain your comfort and will offer solutions if your gums and teeth feel uncomfortable. Local anaesthetic and topical anaesthetics are readily made available if you require them. Rest assured, our dentists and nurses will ensure you are in total control during your treatment.

Will oral hygiene therapy benefit me?

Oral hygiene therapy reduces the amount of bacteria present and changes their living environment around your teeth. This means that we help in reducing bad bacteria and promote good bacteria.

Research shows reduction of harmful oral bacteria also has systemic benefits. As oral bacteria can cause inflammation in the arteries, it is linked to heart disease. Studies have shown that as many as 91% of people with heart disease also have gum disease. At Dental & Skin we believe that oral hygiene therapy contributes to long-term general wellbeing.

Emergency Dentistry

  • We offer a same day appointments
  • Both long-term and short-term treatment options
  • High quality urgent care treatment provided by experienced dentists

At Dental & Skin, we specialise in ensuring that pain, infection or broken teeth are provided with immediate treatment that prevents further deterioration and resolution of pain as a matter of urgency. If you require emergency attention due to pain, broken teeth or fillings please call immediately to book an appointment. Our dentist will provide all required treatment to stabilise the problem and alleviate discomfort.


Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?

A broken tooth or a filling is a dental emergency; it would require treatment to prevent pain and further deterioration of the tooth.

Will all treatment be completed at the emergency appointment?

We would have to assess the situation of your tooth to be able to say if we can complete it all your treatment in one visit. Our team is experienced and efficient to be able to deal with all complications that patients may have and we will try our upmost to work with your requirement, please call us in advance so that we can book appropriate length of time for your appointment. However, we will try our best to accommodate walk-in emergencies whenever we can.

What should I do if I am in severe pain?

We would advise you to visit your nearest pharmacist for advice and to use over the counter painkillers. Please call us to see if we can immediately fit you into our schedule.

Dental Filling

  • 5 Year Guarantee on our fillings
  • Our dentists are passionate about saving teeth
  • We create the most natural looking fillings

At Dental & Skin, we believe that fillings should restore teeth in two ways; function and appearance. Our dentists can offer white fillings that are colour stable and strong, this means they will remain highly aesthetic and last a long time. We provide 5 years guarantee on all our white fillings.


Why don’t you offer silver amalgam fillings?

We do not offer silver fillings because we believe it does not restore the tooth in term of appearance. Silver amalgam fillings have never been proven unsafe material however controversy over use of amalgam remains.

Do white cosmetic fillings last as long as traditional amalgam fillings?

Some patients believe that silver amalgam fillings last longer than white composite fillings. This may have been true in the past, however current research suggests that silver amalgam fillings and cosmetic white fillings (composite) last on average same length of time. At Dental & Skin, we have selected the most researched and stable white filling material for our clinic. The new white fillings are bonded strongly to your tooth, thereby preventing tooth fractures.

How long do white fillings last?

Research shows that white fillings on average last for between 5 to 12 years. Optimum oral hygiene would help to ensure that, fillings achieve their full potential.

Dental Extractions

  • Our dentists are experienced, gentle and considerate
  • Making extraction easy by utilising modern techniques
  • We ensure extraction site is preserved for future implants

We would like to save teeth as much as possible, however some teeth become un-restorable. Our experienced dentists will provide you with extraction techniques that preserve your natural bone, safeguarding the site for future implant placement.


Should I eat before an extraction appointment?

We advise on having your normal meal before attending for extraction under local anaesthetic. This would ensure optimum energy levels during and after treatment.

Can I smoke before and after extraction?

We advise on not to smoke 12 hours before and 48 hours after extraction, as smoking increases risk of post operative infections.

Will the tooth extraction be painful?

We always ensure that the area is fully numb under local anaesthetic before attempting to remove the tooth.

Will I be in pain after extraction?

We only expect mild soreness after extraction and there is no requirement to take painkillers. However, basic over the counter painkillers would be sufficient to stop any postoperative discomfort.

Can I go to work after extraction?

We advise minimum speaking for an hour after the treatment. It would be safe to carry out office work but we recommend you not to carry out heavy lifting or manual work.

Crowns, Inlays and Onlays

  • Ensure longevity of your teeth with our minimal designs
  • 5-year Guarantee
  • Solutions for a variety of clinical problems
  • Well-researched, predictable and long lasting materials
  • Our laboratory technicians are hand picked so that our patients receive only the best quality.

These restorative options are utilised to ensure that a tooth achieves its full life span. They are placed on teeth that are broken, teeth that have risk of fracture and on teeth that have weakened after a root canal treatment. All crowns, inlays and onlays are custom made by a carefully chosen skilled dental technician and made to fit over or into your tooth with high accuracy. They are now made using ceramic materials, which are strong and natural in appearance. We will ensure that colour and shape are designed after a detailed discussion to meet your expectations. All our crowns, inlays and onlays carry a 5-year guarantee.


Which one do I choose from Crowns, Inlays or Onlays?

Our Dental & Skin dentists will recommend you the best treatment, the deciding factors include; location of the tooth in your mouth, amount of enamel available for bonding, colour and size of the tooth, amount of healthy remaining tooth, history of the tooth and the proximity of cavity to pulp chamber.

How long do Crowns, Inlays and Onlays last?

Our Crowns, Inlays and Onlays carry a 5-year guarantee however many last for over 15 years.

Sports Guards and Night Guards

  • Protect your teeth during sports.
  • Choose from various colours and designs.
  • High quality laboratory guards (also supplied for the London Olympics)
  • Night guard to prevent toothwear.

Sports Guard

At Dental & Skin, we recommend wearing a sports guard for various sports to protect your teeth from direct impact trauma. Our dentists have had experience of patients clenching their teeth during physical exercise and gym sessions. In this instance we recommend wearing a sports guard when working out to help reduce stress and loading on your teeth. A simple guard would help reduce the chance of fracture to your natural teeth as well as crowns, bridges, veneers, fillings, implants and dentures.

Can they be made using different colours?

Yes we offer a full range of colours and designs, our dentist would discuss options available at your consultation appointment.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Most patients find them very helpful and comfortable, however occasionally they require adjustments to provide a comfortable fit. Our service includes free follow up appointments if you need to have any adjustments done.

How long do they last?

It would depend on how hard you tend to bite on them, we rarely find patients chewing through them, and them most would last between 5 and 15 years.

Night Guard

At Dental & Skin we follow the latest research, which confirms that people living in cities experience highest amount of stress. More people than ever before need treatment specifically related to stress. One of the symptoms of stress can be grinding (bruxism) or clenching teeth, often in sleep. During The Dental & Skin Examination we will be assessing for signs and symptoms of grinding and clenching. To prevent fractures and tooth wear, we may recommend a night guard therapy along with physiotherapy. Common problems associated with untreated bruxism include, worn and broken teeth, jaw joint clicking or pain, increased risk of gum disease, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, chewing problems, migraine and headaches.

Our dentists may also recommend night guard for certain cosmetic procedures to prevent damage to your dental work from abnormal forces generated by grinding teeth during sleep.

If I am grinding my teeth, how long do I need to wear the guard?

Our dentists recommend wearing your guard overnight and every time you think you are grinding or clenching your teeth. Some people grind teeth when driving, when at gym, when at work or just spontaneously for few hours. We recommend carrying your mouth guard with you at all times, and if you find yourself grinding or clenching then simply wear your guard for a few minutes or until resolved. In addition our dentists recommend continuous wearing of your night guard for 3 months.

I find it difficult to sleep with a night guard, what should I do?

At Dental & Skin, we understand that it is difficult to get used to wearing a guard therefore we ensure that your guard is soft, thin and comfortable. We would suggest initially wearing your guard for a few hours during the day for a week or two before attempting to try at night. The first few nights may disturb your sleep, however most patients get used to wearing a guard quite quickly.

Anti-Snoring Devices

  • Anti-Snoring devices help to improve sleeping not only for snorers but also for the whole family
  • Custom made comfortable devices
  • Expertly made using proven techniques

Factors known to increase chance of snoring are;

  • Physiological
  • Raised BMI (overweight)
  • Alcohol drinking habits
  • Age


How can you help me to stop snoring?

We can construct a custom made device called mandibular advancement splint to help you stop snoring. It is made to measure using soft acrylic so it’s very comfortable to wear.

How long does it take to work?

Most patients see that they stop snoring immediately on wearing the device.

How long will the devices last?

Typically they last around 3 years. However, you can continue to wear it for much longer, as long as it fits well.

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