Family Dentistry – Private or NHS?

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  • 01/03/2018

Finding a family dentistry clinic is simultaneous with finding a reliable and professional dental clinic. But what exactly should an individual look for when determining the right clinic for them? When attempting to find a family dentistry clinic in London, there are many options available, but a miniscule amount of information about what it entails is accessible. Therefore, with the myriad of dental clinics presented in London, finding the right one for you and your family is no trivial task: knowledge and awareness are imperative to attain peace of mind and trust in your chosen practice. Below are some guidelines to be aware of as the research into the most suitable dentistry for your family unfolds.

What is family dentistry?

A family dentistry clinic is a dental practise that focuses on delivering optimal services to a client – and that same level of quality extends to all members of a family. It is a place that caters to both adults and children with a skilled and professional emphasis. Such a clinic is dedicated to providing long-lasting care to all who entrust themselves and their family-members to the establishment.

What Family Dentistry Involves.

Like many other research topics, search engines are usually the starting point when identifying which exemplary establishment you wish register yourself and your family into. When browsing through some websites that have manifested in the search results, often, there is very little information about the kinds of treatments a family dentistry clinic should offer or specialize in. However, it is important to pinpoint the following treatments in suitable dentistry clinics:

Risk Assessment /Screening forms the backbone of any dental check-up, it process helps to design treatment plan. Preventative advice and treatment would help to mitigate future problems, and thus effectively helps one avoids the need of dental restorative treatments.

Preventative Treatments include procedures such as: Fluoride varnish; Preventive resin restoration; Hygiene treatment (scale & polish)

Restorative treatments include fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays/inlays.

Orthodontics (Teeth Straightening Treatments) – fixed braces or removable braces (e.g. Invisalign, cosmetic braces, clear braces)

A relaxed environment is a necessary feature in respectable dental clinics. Due to this, the research one puts into choosing the most suitable clinic for their family should involve visiting each one.

Positives to look for in a family dentistry clinic:

Professional staff is a fundamental part of an exemplary dental clinic. Friendly, patient and informative staff members are what keep a practise running efficiently. When deciding which dental clinic to become affiliated with, professionalism in the manner staff associate with clients is a determining factor: a dental practice with professional staff will provide appropriate service for the entire family.

Confidentiality is an integral element of the relationship between staff, dentists and patients. The clinic should not discuss your treatments with outside parties, nor should your treatments be discussed in the presence of strangers. Confidence that your personal information will be kept private and confidential begets trust in that clinic, which enables you entrust the rest of your family into that same clinic.

Is after-care advice provided by the dentist or a dental assistant once treatment is complete? When after-care advise is provided by the dentist, the patient is assured that the dental practise takes value in providing long-lasting solutions to dental issues. This kind of assurance is one that spurs you to feel that the dental clinic is one that prioritizes its patients and their ongoing welfare.

Reminders for regular check-ups and regular hygiene cleans from trust-worthy clinics also builds on the assurance that the dental clinic cares about your well-being. A healthy mouth requires regular examinations, and at least two hygiene cleans a year, to ensure that any health threats are caught early or prevented from occurring.

Is home-care information provided? A reliable dentist will assist you in your efforts to attain optimal oral hygiene by informing you about effective brushing or flossing techniques. Being knowledgeable about the right ways to avoid plaque and tartar build-up is the most valuable defence against gum disease and cavities.

You may be thinking, why should I pay for private dentistry while the NHS offer dentistry for a subsidized price? Especially when NHS dentistry may appear to be providing a great service for many years to yourself and your family.

Many patients feel that their NHS dentist has offered excellent treatment over many years. This is true to an extent, however in some cases, the quality of prevention care, diagnoses and treatment quality falls below par due to lack of time and high volume of patients that a NHS dentist would see in a day.

We live in an age where a single cavity could be avoided. Decay and gum disease can both be prevented with carefully planned risk assessment, examination of your mouth, prevention advice, oral hygiene therapy, diet advice and conservative treatments. This approach of dentistry would mean that patients are keeping their natural teeth for as long as possible, thereby reducing cost over a long period of time, while providing comfortable smile and function (eating, speaking).

The dentists at Dental & Skin, Islington, take pride in providing restorative treatment to get patients back to normal appearance and function. Our preventive treatments and advice would further reduce dental decay and gum disease.

Please see the table below that summarizes the current dentistry in UK.

Islington Private Dentist NHS Dentistry
Availability Immediate Few weeks to months
Time with patients Relaxed Rushed
Examination appointment 45 minutes to an hour 10 to 15 minutes
Assessment Thorough and accurate with explanation of findings. Quick scan, often missed disease due to lack of time.
Assessment checklist 20 to 25 points 5 to 7 points
Hygiene clean 30 to 60 minutes 2 to 7 minutes
Prevention High amount of choices. Little advice and choices.
Innovation Latest techniques Often old techniques
Materials and equipment State of the Art Satisfactory
Cost short term Low to high. (depends on clinic location) Very Cheap, often haircuts are more expensive.
Cost over long term Low as patients would benefit from preventative dentistry. Healthy and natural teeth are cheaper to maintain. High cost due to failing treatments and lack of prevention strategy especially dental decay and gum disease treatments.
Dentist profile Passionate and energetic practitioners who treat on average only 6 to 8 patients per day. Experienced but tired practitioners who treat on average 25 to 35 patients per day.

Dental & Skin is a family dentistry clinic that prides itself on professionalism; we endeavour to produce high-quality service catered to all families looking for long-term care, and a trustworthy dental clinic.
We understand that patients want peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones, and with the help of our modern facilities we also pride ourselves on providing pain-free dentistry. Contact us for more information on the range of treatments and services we can provide you and your family.

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