Salon carrying out dental procedures

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  • 18/05/2016

We are seeing many cases of teeth whitening disasters from hair salons. Patient may decide to attend a salon for teeth whitening, driven by either convenience or cheap pricing.

We recommend that people considering whitening treatment go to their dentist for safe and predictable treatment. UK law states that teeth whitening can only be carried out by a dentist or by a dental professional under prescription from a dentist. So when a beauty salon offers peroxide free teeth whitening, they are practicing illegally. The government has this law in place to protect public. Naturally, mouth harbours fungi, bacteria and viruses. There is a high risk of cross contamination between patients undergoing teeth whitening treatment, as it’s inside of the mouth. Salons and Spas will not consider that life-threatening infections can be transferred through mouth. The high-risk infectious viruses and bacteria such as Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes and many more, may easily be transferred through a salon environment.

Dental professionals train for many years to understand the human mouth and its conditions. Mouth should be correctly assessed to look for dental disease and to prescribe the appropriate treatment for each individual patient. Here at Dental & Skin your dentist will check for any oral problems before carrying out treatment. This means that you would receive safe, precise and high quality of care.

To protect our public the General Dental Council (GDC) has taken many salons and spas to court. Most salons are imposed heavy fines in addition to compensation to patients who suffered damaged gums and teeth due to illegal treatment. The gels used to whiten the teeth, if not used properly, could permanently damage the teeth and gums. To protect the public against this type of damage, the person providing the treatment must be registered with the GDC and the premises registered with care quality commission (CQC).

At Dental & Skin our dentists have expertly treated a wide variety of cases achieving fantastic results. On average we carry out about 40 teeth whitening procedures per month. We utilise the most reliable, scientifically proven materials and methods to whiten your teeth. Dental & Skin offers comfortable and relaxing environment, we ask our patients to relax and listen to radio or music through our wireless headphone while teeth whitening.

Dentists have been providing teeth whitening for over 30 years; there has been great amount of refinement in treatment process, as we have developed through research and studies. Now we have teeth whitening at its optimum quality with lowest price. This is the best time to have your teeth whitening at Dental & Skin. Call 02081274567 or WhatsApp 07974910222 to book an appointment.

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