What can we do to help reduce your dental anxiety?

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  • 17/05/2016

Whether you had a previous bad experience with dentistry or just have unknown fear about dental treatment, you are not alone, fear of dental treatment tops the list of fears for most people.

Many people get anxiety that’s completely understandable, like before boarding a flight, jumping at the deep end of a swimming pool or travelling alone to a new city. Dental anxiety is somewhat similar, it’s widely acknowledged and completely acceptable to be anxious of dental procedures.

Going to the dentist brings out a strong emotional response for many people. Avoiding or just going to dentist solely for dental emergency is the worst mistake anyone can make. The way to feel comfortable in a dental clinic is by attending regularly for dental examination and gentle dental treatments, like polishing of teeth or teeth whitening. When confidence in your dentist has been achieved, more complex treatment can be undertaken with ease. Most dentists have a special technique to deal with anxious patients. At Dental & Skin we successfully treat anxious patients on daily basis. We do this with ease, as our clinic is naturally calm, our process refined and our staff show genuine empathy towards all patients.

Here at Dental & Skin we try our very best to make each patient feel comfortable. Most patient’s anxiousness is usually eliminated within the first 10 minutes of consultation. We use distraction techniques to keep patients mind off dentistry. We also provide wireless headphones during treatment to help cut out dental equipment noise. Our patients will have a wide selection of music to choose from, we ask our patients to lay back and pretend they are on a holiday. When we hear our patients snoring, it’s a sign of success in the dental chair.

We request patients to build the courage by visiting for a dental check-up or a chat. We will provide various options to build confidence. We have a holistic approach to help reduce dental anxiety permanently. We use combination of therapies and medication. We have an expert massage therapist on board, a relaxing massage just before treatment definitely helps to relax patients before treatment. We can also prescribe oral sedatives to bring on even more controlled relaxation.

We are available to meet our potential clients for a chat or consultation. Come and speak to us for a free dental treatment quote. Best to call reception on 02081274567 or WhatsApp 07974910222.

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