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Expect to relieve the sounds and pressures of snoring with customized, lightweight anti-snoring devices

Anti-Snoring Device

1. In a nutshell what is snoring?

Snoring is a vibration that is caused when your throat and tongue muscles become very relaxed during your sleep. By these muscles becoming relaxed an obstruction is created in your airway, meaning that the air you breathe in causes these muscles to vibrate and create a snoring sound. There are many different anti-snoring devices on the market that can help stop your snoring.

2. What are the different types of anti-snoring devices?

How does it work?
Vitalsleep is a multi functioning device that stops snoring by improving the airflow during your sleep. It does this by opening and closing at the same time as your mouth with its active hinge and opens your airway by pushing your lower jaw forward.
One of the main advantages of Vitalsleep is its comfort. Vitalsleep is moldable to the shape of your mouth and does not feel heavy or bulky.
Vitalsleep improves the stress on your jaw whilst sleeping by allowing you to move your jaw from side to side whilst wearing the device.
Vitalsleep is made from medical standard materials, is latex free and completely safe to wear for the many hours whilst you sleep.

How does it work?
ZQuiet is also a multi functioning device which works by bringing your jaw forward to open up your airway in your throat, giving air an easier passage without creating a vibration and subsequently the snoring sound.
ZQuiet offers two mouthpieces; Comfort 1 and Comfort 2, one which pushes your jaw forward more than the other for patients with severe snoring.
One of the main advantages of ZQuiet is its effectiveness. ZQuiet offers two types of mouthpiece, both of which offer comfortability and safety in design.
ZQuiet offers a substantial amount of jaw movement when you sleep. It works with how you sleep, enabling you to sleep with your mouth open or closed.
ZQuiet is FDA approved.

Good Morning Snore Solution
How does it work?
Good Morning Snore Solution works by a Tongue Stabilisation which unblocks your airway by moving your tongue forward.
This solution is known to be non-invasive and effective in preventing snoring.
The design of the device is so effective that it can fit any patient and does not need to be customised.
The Solution has been medically tested and FDA approved, with minimal side effects.
One of the great advantages of Good Morning Snore is that it is one of the more affordable devices.

How does it work?
SnoreRX is a custom made snoring device that works by opening up your airway by advancing your lower jaw forward. This allows the air you breathe in while you sleep to move freely.
SnoreRX can adjust by 1mm, this means small as well as large adjustments can be made to create the perfect fit.
SnoreRX will fit your mouth precisely with its `boil and biteโ€™ impressions.
SnoreRX is safe to wear as it is latex free and made from Copolymer materials.
SnoreRX can be easily adjusted if need be.

How does it work?
SnoreMeds has 2 functions: the device opens up your airway firstly by advancing your lower jaw, tongue and soft palate forward, it then prevents any saliva from obstructing the airway with the holes in the device.
SnoreMeds is custom made for both men and women, by offering The Original Fit Mouthpiece for men and The Small Fit Mouthpiece for women.
SnoreMeds is a very popular device on the market today.

3. Which device at Dental & Skin do we use?

The device we use at our clinic is a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) known as Sleepwell.

4. How does it work?

Mandibular Advancement Splints like Sleepwell work byu advancing the jaw forwards to create an opening. This greatly improves the

5. What causes snoring?

There are many factors that can cause or increase your rate of snoring.
A few include: sleeping on your back, drinking too much alcohol especially in the evenings, smoking too much, being overweight, asthma and avoiding caffeine in the evenings.
By limiting these factors can greatly improve your snoring, along with an anti-snoring device. ย – for the device that we use

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