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Cosmetic Orthodontics

1. In a nutshell what is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment?

Cosmetic Orthodontic treatment consist of braces systems focused on improving smiles. Several brands available today are focused on improving teeth alignment include Invisalign, Six Months Smile, In-Line orthodontics, Inman aligner, Quick Straight teeth.

These systems are branded, however orthodontic treatment is carried out using a clear aligner or a fixed brace or a combination of both. Today we can organise teeth alignment using various brand systems available. Many dentist can also offer these treatments independent of these brands safely and producing excellent results.

2. Which system is good for me?

To select the type of orthodontic system, we recommed a full consultaion to list your concerns, to discuss about your potential results, time scale, discreetness of braces and we also take into consideration if you are travelling or any important events.

3. What materials are braces made from?

Today, the removable brace systems are made from plastic aligners, certain removable system are made from metal wires along with plastic covering.

Fixed orthodontic brackets are made from ceramic, composite or stainless steel.

The orthodontic wires are made from Ni-Ti (nickle titanium).

4. How do I choose the system?

To select orthodontic therapy, you must discuss treatment options with a dentist to fully understand why one system would be preferred over the others.

5. How is orthodontic treatment carried out?

We first carry out a full dental examination and radiography. Once we are confident that your mouth is healthy, we can take dental photographs and dental impressions for planning and set up.

Once we have your treatment plan designed, we arrange an appointment for fittng of brace. We would need to see you regularly for treatment completion.

6. How often would I need to attend?

On average most orthodontic patients are seen once per month. We offer late evenings appointments and lunch time appointments. We also have online booking available via www.dentalskin.co.uk

7. Price ?

The cost of orthodontic treatment can be as little as £200 and can be upto £6000.

How long will my treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment can be from 2 weeks to 2 years, dependent on the type of orthodontic treatment, patients factors and teeth factors.

How to care for my mouth during treatment?

It is essential to brush your teeth and floss after meals during treatment. Must reduce amount and frequency of carbonated drinks and sugary drinks.

Dentist would also recommend use of interdental brushes on daily basis.

9. Why have your crown at Dental & Skin?

At Dental & Skin we offer various systems to be able to accurately provide optimum treatments. Straightening teeth is smile design, our background in Aesthetics & Restorative Dentistry helps us design the mose beautiful smiles.

We have a passionate dental team who strives for the best outcomes. We also continuously develop our skills to provide the latest technology in dentistry.

At our clinic, we use only the trusted UK laboratory technicians who we have developed relationship over many years.

We offer review appointments for all patients to see how they are getting on after their treatments.

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