Welcome to Spring !

All of this for no out of pocket expenses if you have Private Dental Insurance! Value (£230) 

Prevention is Better than Cure.


We hope you've all had safe and happy start to Spring. 

The New Season means a fresh start - which means it's time get your mouth in check and finally take advantage of your overpriced dental insurance.

Most people miss out on the benefits of using their dental insurance and as result, they needlessly put up with pain, teeth & gums disease.

or simply miss out on the amazing feeling of having optimum smile and dental health perform at it's peak.

Don't let that happen to you.

You deserve better.


A Full mouth checkup to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and also allow Dentist to look for and treat other dental problems.


Professional Teeth Cleaning Plus if required and the application of Flouride

X-RAYS £80

X-rays Including Bitewings and Periapical views.

Stefanie Akinmade REVIEW

I have been a client of Dental and Skin since January and I've had a really good experience. I had some intense dental procedures over the past few months and everyone has been super patient and understanding. Plus, they really breakdown the cost of everything so you know what to expect and plan for. That said, the staff is super friendly and I feel like I am seeing friends when I have my visits which actually makes going to the dentist more enjoyable.

Kofi Amponsah REVIEW

Thorough examination and consultation. Had a few teeth that I was told would need to be extracted or can not be whitened by my NHS dentist, however Dental & Skin gave me a thorough examination and confirmed that both teeth could be saved and whitened. The information given was very in depth and the service very friendly would definitely return in future.