How Oral Health and General Health Are Closely Related

Here at dental & skin we are always trying to help our patients improve her oral health as well as their general health, we focus on increasing patient’s awareness on the causes and effects of poor oral health and provide guidance on how to decrease the burden of diseases. Severe gum disease is found in a large percentage of adults, and an even higher percentage of school children now have cavities. While we may not be so concerned about the look of our teeth, we should definitely be concerned about the impact a long term infection or inflammation in your mouth can have on the rest of your body.

Maintaining good oral health is important for a great smile, but did you know it can also impact the rest of your body.

Oral diseases such as dental cavities, periodontitis, tooth lost, oral cancer are mainly caused by
tobacco use- smoking, unhealthy diets- fast food, snaking, large amounts of sugary intakes
poor oral hygiene- no flossing, uses of interdental brushes, regular hygiene clean, not brushing effectively.

How systematic diseases impact oral health

  • HIV/AIDS – often manifest in the mouth
  • Diabetes- can delay wound healing and also worsen gum disease
  • Leukaemia – can result in mouth ulcers
  • Down syndrome- often includes a large tongue
  • Measles- often detected by characteristic spots that develop on the inner cheek
  • Bulimia – frequently causes tooth erosion

How oral diseases can effect general health

  • Gum disease can complicate diabetes
  • Oral bacteria are associated with infective arthritis
  • The mouth can be a reservoir for bacteria associated with stomach ulcers
  • Dental infections have been associated with increased risk for pneumonia
  • Gum disease has been associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Effective ways to prevent oral diseases attending regular full mouth examinations, maintain dental reigns, regular hygiene visits, reducing sugar intakes, increasing fruit and vegetables, insuring not to snack during the day. Here at dental and skin we take time and effort to educate our patients help them understand the risks and benefits of good oral hygiene. We also show and help patients learn the correct way to brush and floss effectively to prevent oral diseases.