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1. In a nutshell what is Quick Straight Teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth straightens the front 6-8 teeth with clear braces which are removable.

Patients can feel secure with Quick Straight Teeth as they are minimally invasive, with small pressure forces on the front teeth.

Treatment with Quick Straight Teeth can take as little as 1 month and can be up to 6 months.

Quick Straight Teeth is both affordable and aesthetic in appearance with its clear brace and tooth coloured wires.

Quick Straight Teeth requires patients to wear their aligners for 20 hours a day. The aligners can be removed for special occasions.

2. Am I suitable for Quick Straight Teeth?

Patients suitable for Quick Straight Teeth are those with less complex orthodontic cases and who want to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile.

Quick Straight Teeth has a short treatment time, and therefore is suitable for patients who are restricted by time.

3. What are the benefits of Quick Straight Teeth?

The main benefit of QTS is its treatment time. Patients can complete treatment in as little as 1 month.

QTS is one of the more affordable brace systems with low laboratory fees.

QTS braces are lightweight fitting in the mouth to increase patient comfortability.

Appearance is not a factor with QTS, patients can feel confident knowing their appearance is not affected by the braces.

QTS is removable and therefore does not affect a patient’s eating or drinking habits.

4. What are the risks or limitations of Quick Straight Teeth?

Braces require a substantial amount of the patient’s and dentist’s time. The overall success of your treatment will depend upon your cooperation. This involves attending appointments and maintaining oral hygiene.

When having braces your teeth and gums are at more risk of gum disease. At Dental & Skin we will give you advice on how to maintain your oral health whilst wearing your aligners.

At first you may experience some discomfort whilst wearing your braces, it will require dedication and perseverance to get used to your braces for your first week or so.

5. What are the treatment steps?

At Dental & Skin we offer free consultations for braces. In this first appointment we will carry out a dental check up, x-rays, and discuss which brace is best to achieve your desired results.

At your second appointment we will take impressions of your teeth and gums to send to our laboratory to create your braces.

Once your braces have arrived we will invite you back to the clinic to fit your braces. How often you will need to visit our clinic depends on which Q appliance used. You will be informed of the frequency before going ahead with treatment.

When your treatment is completed, a retainer will be necessary to ensure that your teeth remain in their perfect position.

6. Will I experience any pain?

Most patients find Quick Straight Teeth comfortable and light fitting in their mouth, after they have got used to their braces after a few weeks.

QTS offers a range of braces to suit patients comfortability.

7. How do I clean my braces?

At Dental & Skin we recommend rinsing your braces daily with warm water.

A small brush can be used to gently clean your braces.

8. Post-Treatment Care

After you have finished your Quick Straight Teeth treatment it is important to book for a dental exam to check for any tooth decay or cavities.

At Dental & Skin we will provide you with an oral health care routine to maintain the results of your newly straight teeth.

After treatment most patients will need a retainer to maintain their results. Once you have finished wearing your braces, it is important to book in to have your retainers custom made.

Similarly, to braces it is key that patients wear their retainers for the time period required to maintain their results.

9. Will I need to wear a retainer?

To maintain your newly perfected smile, patients after completing treatment will need to wear a retainer.

This will prevent your teeth moving back into their old position.

At your appointment your dentist will tell you how long each day you will need to wear your retainer.

10. Will treatment affect my speech?

Most patients find that their speech is not affected by their braces. Whilst you get used to them you may find speaking a little odd with the braces in your mouth however, after a few days this feeling will become normal.

11. Who can carry out treatment?

Braces treatment can only be carried out by a trained practitioner who has completed all training required to carry out treatment.

12. Why Fast Brace at Dental & Skin?

At Dental & Skin our doctor has a Masters in Restorative & Aesthetics with over 10 years experience in the field.

We offer free consultations and will provide patients with all knowledge prior to any treatment.

We have the latest braces technology to make a diagnosis and carefully plan your treatment steps.

We stay with you during your treatment. We will work hard to ensure your braces treatment goes smoothly.

We work around your busy schedule with evening appointments and review appointments.

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