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1. In a nutshell what is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a restoration treatment to improve the longevity of broken, weak and filled teeth and therefore enabling a tooth to achieve its full life span. A crown acts like a cap over the tooth and protects the tooth from weakening further whilst also maintaining the tooth’s natural shape.

There are many materials that crowns are made from on the dental market, which also includes ceramic materials; strong, durable and natural in colour that we offer at Dental & Skin.

2. What are the health benefits of having a crown?

Opting for a dental crown is a great restorative option to maintaining your oral health. This is particularly the case after you have had a root canal treatment, where the tooth is no longer alive. The crown will help prevent your root canaled tooth from becoming brittle, therefore ensuring that the time and money you have spent on your tooth is worthwhile.

Crowns are also a great option for patients who wish to improve the appearance of their smile. For example if a patient has had a filling which they wish to improve the appearance of. Crowns made from ceramic materials are natural in appearance as well as durable and will greatly benefit the aesthetics of your smile.

Crowns also advance the longevity of dentures and bridges by holding them in place.

3. What materials are crowns made from?

Patients have many different options for the material of their crown now available on the dental market.

A Zirconia crown while not as natural in appearance as a porcelain crown, is good for posterior crowns where main chewing forces are applied and so require the strength that Zirconia offers. This type of crown can be fitted in a single dental appointment and will be cemented into place to the shape of your tooth by a cutting machine.

A Porcelain crown (ceramic) is a great option for patients who want to maintain their oral health and improve appearance at the same time. This crown is translucent in colour, making it the perfect option for restoring the front teeth while offering durability also.

A Porcelain fused to metal crown offers a stronger durability and bond to your tooth because of its metal structure.

A Gold Alloy crown is a great option to secure a strong tooth, this is because it does not fracture or wear the tooth underneath. This type of crown is made from a mix of gold, copper and other materials which make it dissimilar to porcelain crowns in terms of the advantage of appearance.

A base metal alloy crown is a great option for patients who require a very strong crown, as it is very resistant to corrosion and very durable. This type of crown also does not require much of your tooth to be removed when it is being fitted.

A Emax crown is gaining speed on the dental market for its popularity when it comes to aesthetics, durability and strength. This crown is a type of all-ceramic crown making it a competitor to porcelain crowns.

4. How do I choose which crown is best for me?

At Dental & Skin the deciding factors include; location of the tooth in your mouth, amount of enamel available for bonding, colour and size of the tooth, amount of healthy remaining tooth, history of the tooth and the proximity of cavity to pulp chamber. This will help you choose between a Crown, Inlay and Onlay as well as which crown along with your dentist’s advice.

5. How will my crown be prepared?

There are two steps involved in the preparation of the crown. The first step is to create the shape for the crown, this will be done by removing a layer of your tooth.

The next step is to take a impression of your tooth, of your jaw and your bite which will be sent to a dental technician who will then custom make your crown to shape.

6. How will my crown be fitted?

Once your crown has arrived at our London Islington clinic and both patient and dentist are happy with the crown, it will be fixed onto your tooth with a dental cement.

7. Price and Longevity

The cost of your crown will vary depending on the type of crown you have chosen and the material it is made from. At Dental & Skin your treatment will be discussed thoroughly with a treatment estimate before starting treatment. We also have a 5 year guarantee on our crowns.

8. Tips on taking care of your crown

Taking care of your crown is the same as you would care for your natural teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. By cleaning between your teeth with interdental brushes, will help prevent decay which can form where your crown joins your tooth.

9. Filling vs Crown?

Fillings are a short term restorative solution, as they can fracture easily, are more likely to decay and can be difficult to form a good contact with the adjacent tooth. Therefore a fillings function and appearance effectiveness can be reduced. Food build up in between teeth and gum are also common with large fillings.

Crowns are more effective in forming a bond with the tooth because they have been custom made in a laboratory. Crowns are also more beneficial in terms of aesthetics and durability. Crowns often last for more than 15 years.

10. Why have your crown at Dental & Skin?

At Dental & Skin we offer a 5 year guarantee on all our crowns because we are confident in the materials that we use.

We have a passionate dental team who strives for the best outcomes. We also continuously develop our skills to provide the latest technology in dentistry.

We offer many different crowns, including ceramic crowns and emax crowns.

At our clinic, all our crowns are sent to our trusted laboratory technician and are tried before fitted onto your tooth.

We offer review appointments for all patients to see how they are getting on after their treatments.

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