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Patients will be relieved of all pain symptoms, treatment can be carried out in the same appointment.

Emergency Dentistry

1. In a nutshell what is an emergency dental appointment?

We take pride in helping patients who are in pain. For this reason we always try and see patients who are in pain on the same day.

Patients who are in pain require an emergency appointment. During your appointment the dentist will alleviate the pain, make a diagnosis and plan for treatment.

2. How long will I wait to be seen?

At our London clinic we have a 30 minute sit and wait policy.


All patients who call for an emergency will be seen on the same day.

3. When do I need an emergency appointment?

Patients who are experiencing pain, ulcers, infection, jaw pain, clicking, broken tooth, sharp tooth should book for an emergency appointment.

4. How do I make an emergency appointment?

To book an emergency appointment give us a call and our receptionist will find you an appointment, or invite you to sit and wait.


Alternatively, follow the `request an appointment’ link on our home page.

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