Dr Vishal Patel BDS MSc

Introducing the 3 point code

For over ten years, his primary interest has been facial aesthetics, combining smile makeovers with medical aesthetic treatment(s). An abundance of time has been spent critically evaluating various techniques including, materials and results. He has now attained a novel approach towards treating those hoping to enhance natural beauty in general or reduce the signs of ageing. Dr Patel has understood the importance of looking at the face in its entirety in order to achieve the aforementioned.  Dr Patel established what he calls his ‘Three Point Code’, these are Three factors are considered and addressed during each consultation;


    1. Facial volume loss/areas that present sagging
    2. Surface of the skin
    3. Smile

Dr Patel’s ethos, meticulous approach and clinical expertise have been developed and honed through vigorous training in surgical industry. He’s an experienced dental surgeon with a special interest in facial aesthetics and smile design. Having provided aesthetic and surgical dental treatment (s) and skin aesthetic treatment both to a high standard for almost 20 years Dr Patel has managed to perfect skills already attained, and add many to his repertoire.

Use of Golden Ratio

Dr Patel constantly endeavours to provide accurate and proportionate treatment which helps to enhance natural beauty rather than alter it. With the ‘Golden Ratio’ in mind, he implements a methodical artistic approach to create desired results that appear aesthetically pleasing to the eye. His style of work can be seen in the current ‘tweakment’ phase, which champions slight tweaks to the faces perceived problem areas. Each patient in his care can expect a bespoke treatment plan with desired results tailored to fit every face.

For anxious patients

Constantly taking into consideration the well-being of his client, he is calm and gifted at treating patients who experience anxiety. These qualities, teamed with his deep knowledge of material chemistry ensure that safe and effective treatment results are achieved.

Combining various techniques into an art form

By using his attention to detail, Dr Patel manages to address the first factor of his ‘three-point code’. Complex forms of treatment are adopted including; thread lifts, tear trough treatment, non-surgical nose rejuvenation, liquid face-lifts and facial profile enhancement, these are all performed to reduce signs of ageing, add volume where required and sculpt the face. Recent breakthrough in the knowledge and teqniques regarding the application of threads for anti-ageing lift and tightening effects, are mastered in Korea. Dr Patel is one of the few aesthetic practitioners in London who has trained under IFAAS (International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science) the Korean trailblazer for the Korean V-Lift (a non-surgical facelift).


The second factor considered for optimum facial appearance is the surface quality of the skin. Using anti-wrinkle injectables, Chemical peels, Mesotherapy and PRP & Micro needling, Acne Treatment (using various methods) Dr Patel aims to refine, clarify and make the face appear more youthful.

Finally, Dr Patel uses various modalities to address the smile. Using a combination of, orthodontics (including invisalign, Six Month Smiles/fixed cosmetic braces etc) Veneers, Lumineers, Da Vinci veneers, teeth whitening and teeth contouring, he is able to create a smile to aesthetically match the face.

Wellbeing in all aspects of life

Dr Patel’s experience and skill, is reflected through patient reviews which can be found on but are not limited to realself.com on which he is a verified clinician. Dr Patel is an enthusiastic advocate of wellbeing of self through exercise, mindfulness and self-image understanding the link between self-confidence, and self-wellbeing he has concluded that ‘’facial aesthetics provides the perfect catalyst for the betterment of general health and wellbeing’’ and has found that through excellent oral health and optimal facial aesthetics personal confidence can be achieved. In addition to personal wellbeing and self-care, Dr Patel enjoys and feels most fulfilled when giving back, he often participates in charity marathons; he and his team at dental and skin work closely with local charities.

Procedure’s Dr Patel is known for in particular Skin and Aesthetic treatment:

  • Botox
  • Micro-needling
  • NeoStrata Skin Peels
  • Temple & Eyebrow Lift
  • Tear Trough Treatment
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Nose Rejuvenation
  • Non-Surgical facelift
  • Jaw Line and Chin Enhancement