Is Thread lifting for you?

Thinking of a way to look more youthful but hate the thought of an invasive surgical procedure and equally invasive price tag? Then the thread lift might be for you!  It has become increasingly popular over the course of the last few years; touted by numerous celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow; The procedure involves having threads inserted into your skin to promote collagen production, this improves the firmness of skin; helping you to achieve a younger more sculpted look, and also reduce skin sagging and laxity loss due to aging.


History of Thread lifting

European surgeons once inserted 24 carat gold threads into the soft tissue of the face! Surgeons adopted a basket weave pattern, this however wasn’t successful, technique did eventually improve and you can even find this method being used in some clinics in the UK. The new and improved method however, now includes a mesh or fan like pattern as opposed to the basket and weave pattern; allowing for the regeneration of collagen.

As time & research progressed and increased, Dr Marlen A. Salamanidze a Moscow based cosmetic surgeon had a theory that propene (plastic non- absorbable sutures or stiches) could be used to ‘hoik’ up a drooping brow, cheek or jowl (thank the heavens for Dr Marlen!) resulting in the development of the thread lift procedure we know and love today. The great news is that Dental & Skin in Islington offers PDO thread lift london treatment at a minimum cost of just £550.00 a fraction of the cost of a surgical face lift!

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We had a chat with our clinician Dr Patel situated at Dental & Skin Islington to get the scope on this increasingly popular procedure, and answer all of your burning questions!



What can a patient expect the thread lift procedure to be like at Dental & Skin Islington?

‘’Each patient can expect a customised treatment plan devised specifically with each individual in mind. For example, a patient might benefit aesthetically from a tighter jawline, but might have a thin mid cheek and a thin upper cheek, using this information I will strategically aim to lift the face. My aim is to lift the face naturally not mechanically; in previous years threads with barbs were used, due to the adverse effects these caused I have chosen to use ones without; bona threads. I use PDO Mono threads which don’t pose such a risk’’



Do the effects of thread lift last long and how long does the actual procedure take?

‘’The actual procedure takes 1-2 hours on average, depending on the case. The great thing is, results can be seen immediately improving over the course of four months and lasting a year and a half on average’’  



Can you choose where you want the threads to be placed?

‘’No. However, you can choose the results you wish to achieve in our consultation, I will then place the threads strategically to achieve the results you desire’’


How safe is it?

‘’this procedure is a very safe one, with most patients out and about straight after the procedure. As with all procedures there can be exceptions depending on the patient, with 1 in 20 patients experiencing extra swelling; this usually subsides within 48 hours. 1 in 50 patients experience extra swelling for up to two weeks’’


How long is down time, will the patient need to take time off of work?

‘’there is no need for time off of work many of our patients have a the procedure done in their lunch break!’’


How old are your usual clients, is there a minimum age?  

‘’The minimum age is of course 18, I have completed the thread lift procedure on adults of all ages’’


Lastly, how can we get to the clinic?  

‘’Our clinic is super easy to find, situated in central London in the heart of Islington, it is just ten minutes from Angel station and 5 from Highbury and Islington. Come and see us for your thread lift at Dental and Skin Islington’’


Dr Patel has a master’s in aesthetics and Restoratives. With his natural eye for aesthetics and his ability to immediately visually assess what needs to be done, his work is precise and the treatment received by him of the highest quality.