Thinking of teeth whitening in Islington Salon?

Teeth whitening in Islington

Only a very few people have their teeth whitened every year in Islington beauty salons, by staff with no formal dental training.

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We are seeing many cases of people who, driven by either convenience or cheap pricing, choose to have their teeth whitened at Islington beauty salons or ‘spas’.

We recommend that people considering whitening treatment go to their dentist for best results as dental professionals are the only ones allowed to use hydrogen peroxide. Here at dental & skin your dentist will check for any problems in the mouth before carrying out treatment, they would check if you are suitable for the treatment and go through all queries you may have.

Dental professionals train for many years to understand the structures of the mouth, to recognise dental disease and to prescribe the correct treatment for each individual patient.

The chemicals used to whiten the teeth, could permanently damage the teeth and gums. To protect the public against this type of damage, the person providing the treatment must be fully dentally qualified and registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).  After complaints about poor treatment, the dental council have said “teeth whitening is a dental procedure so only dental professionals should administer it.” However they are not willing to act upon this until a patient complains.

Here at Dental & Skin our dentists have expertly treated a wide variety of cases achieving fantastic results. We utilise the most reliable and scientifically proven materials and methods to whiten your teeth. We provide our expert help and support throughout your treatment, and make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible we also provide our patients with a wireless headphone which allows them to listen

Tooth whitening may seem to be simple. However, because the chemicals used actually sink into the tooth surface, it could cause permanent damage to the tooth surface. Where teeth whitening is carried out in beauty salons by staff without any training or dental qualifications it not only carries a risk to your oral health, but is also illegal. Some people believe as it is a cosmetic procedure it can be carried out by a non-dental professional however, would you go to a beauty salon to get a cosmetic nose reshaping surgery?

Get your smile makeover at Dental & Skin

Dentists at Dental & Skin enjoy creating the most natural and beautiful smile. Our background in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry provides us with a strong foundation for any smile makeover treatment case. We combine various modalities including simple treatments like; tooth whitening, tooth contouring and direct composite veneering, with complex treatments like; indirect ceramic veneering, crowns, bridges and orthodontic treatments. If you are concerned about your smile please attend for a free consultation with our dentist and we will provide you with options to meet your expectations.

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