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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Micro-needling

MicroNeedling. What is it anyway?

My first introduction to Microneedling; also known as CIT (collagen induction therapy) or PIT (percutaneous collagen induction) was in 2013 when Kim Kardashian went viral after flaunting a bloodied face on an Instagram post.

Of course at that time I didn’t know exactly what Kim had done to her face; nor was I particularly interested in the ‘Vampire Facial’ as it was colloquially termed. I soon became aware that Kim K had undergone a microneedling procedure with PRP treatment which caused her ghoulish appearance. In recent years the procedure has experienced a spike in popularity; it’s almost non-existent down time and its supposedly incomparable results are partly to thank.

Microneedling involves puncturing the skin with fine needles, a bit like a tattoo but without the ink! The goal is to create a controlled skin injury in order to rejuvenate the skin. Now I know what you’re thinking; just another fad right? Perhaps, I certainly shared the same sentiment; I was surprised, however to learn that Micro-needling is over 20 years old! with experts insisting it is more than simply a passing phase. Just how trendy, is this trendy skin fix?


A brief history of MicroNeedling

The earliest possible record of microneedling, or the closest thing to it can be seen in Ancient Asia; particularly china. The ancient Chinese used acupuncture to invoke the Qi or ‘circulating life force’. It is interesting, then; that the purpose of puncturing the skin during that period was to cultivate a renewing life force, when you consider that acupuncture is now used to improve body functions and promote self-healing and regeneration – this is exactly the purpose of micro-needling.

It doesn’t stop there though, lets fast forward to 1905. German Dermatologist Ernst Kromayer was recorded as using the first Micro-needling procedure very similar to the procedure that many swear by today. Kromayer used various sized dental burs to treat hyperpigmentation and even birth marks, this procedure also promoted healing of skin effected by scars.

Over the years more research was conducted; It wasn’t until 1995 that Dr Desmond Fernandes of Philadelphia used hypodermic needles to treat wrinkles and scars. Collagen production was later made possible as Fernandes created a small needle stamp. Then in 1996 Dr Andre Camirand, a plastic surgeon based in Canada, found that tattoo needles could be greatly effective in breaking down scar collagen, and could even improve the facial scar texture!

Experts now understand after many years, that microneedling could be used to treat a plethora of skin conditions besides scars. As the procedure itself induces the production of both collagen and elastin; it takes advantage of the body’s natural healing process and ultimately eliminates wrinkles and fine lines, even managing to treat brown spots and hyperpigmentation (My god! I’m convinced, I’m convinced!)

In recent years; Microneedling in London has proved even more effective than previously thought possible, when combined with PRP treatment. Platelet-Rich Plasma or ‘Vampire Facials’ for those well versed in trending beauty terms; started in the field of haematology in the 1970s, where the concept was realised.

It had been used for sports injuries in its early days; due to its regenerative effects and researched for wound healing across a variety of clinical fields. Eventually; aesthetic practitioners caught on to its benefits.  During the procedure, a small sample of your blood is taken, and spun in a centrifuge separating plasma from other particles. Once complete, it is then injected back into the area of concern stimulating collagen and elastin, much like our beloved microneedling procedure. Whilst next to no down time is needed for microneedling alone, PRP requires up to 24 hours of downtime (a tiny price to pay for baby skin I say) However; The results of PRP last for 12 to 18 months!!!

Am I suitable for the procedure, and how can I get it done?

Most people are great candidates for MicroNeedling treatment with or without PRP, however in some cases the procedure might not be for you.  Check out the list below to see if you are suitable!


Microneedling is a no-no if:

–    you have wounded unhealed flesh/cuts/bruising and or abrasions

–    you have a skin condition

–    you have herpes simplex virus on the treating are (in lay terms a cold sore)

–    you have taken Accutane within the last 3 months

–    pregnant/breastfeeding

–    history of poor healing/keloid or hypertrophic scars


PRP is a no-no if:

  • If you have experienced allergic reactions to dermal fillers/local anaesthetic
  • You are taking blood thinning tablets i.e Warfarin or Asprin
  • You suffer from an autoimmune disease
  • You suffer from a bleeding disorder (s)
  • You are undergoing chemotherapy
  • You suffer from a neglected medical condition


Where can I get it done?


When considering Microneedling/PRP treatment, it is important to consider the credibility and medical experience of the treatment provider. It is beneficial and better to opt for a certified clinician who can provide treatment according to lawful clinical requirements, this just ensures that you receive the best possible treatment, and ultimately the greatest results!

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