Everything you want to know about Tear Trough treatment

 Everything you want to know about Tear Trough treatment


You might have heard of Tear Trough treatment London recently from the likes of Katy Perry? this procedure however; has been in use for over a decade. Usually undergone by those in Hollywood circles, the wider public have caught on to the trend and its popularity is increasing fast. Tear trough treatment is an innovative procedure which gets rid of those pesky under eye circles. Clinicians use dermal filler to fill the hollow area under the eyes which deepens with age. Say goodbye to expensive creams and concealers and hello to a non-invasive treatment that takes just 10-20 minutes to complete. Whilst tear trough treatment is being offered extensively across London; it is important to go with a board certified Dr to complete the treatment.

So how does it work exactly?

Dr Patel of Dental and Skin Islington, London says that a lifting/filling effect can be achieved by strategically placing filler in the right tissues. By placing filler in the area that surrounds the lower eye and the outer corner of the eye, the visibility of veins are reduced and subsequently the appearance of dark under eye circles is improved. When completed by an experienced clinician, tear trough treatment can prove a long lasting option. The body will eventually absorb the filler over time this ensures that eye fillers last for a substantial amount of time. In some cases, under eye fillers can even last up to a year! Lasting even longer with added injections. A cannula is used at Dental & Skin as this allows for more control to feel any resistance, rather than a needle which can cause trauma to the skin. A cannula gives the doctor much more control to feel any resistance, unlike with a needle which going in and out of the skin can cause trauma. However both techniques when combined carefully where needed, produces excellent results.

Dr Patel offers a range of different fillers in London, these include -:

Juvederm – a popular brand of filler that can be used on all skin types. It provides a natural smooth looking result and long lasting results, with little down time needed. Juvederm is consrtructed of hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the body.

Restylane-  a great option for patients who want to build up volume and smooth out facial contours. This is because when injected, the doctor can mould the filler to the desired shape, and the patient can guide them too. Restylane does not contain an anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic might be required for patients with lower pain tolerance.

Perlane – for patients who are concerned about the deeper wrinkles or lines on their face. This is due to Perlane being a denser molecule and so restoring greater volume. The results from Perlane often last longer than other brands of filler, and is most commonly used on the cheeks and lips for deeper lines.

Here at Dental & Skin London our talented clinician Dr Patel can provide you with trust worthy tear trough treatment in the heart of Islington.

Check out the following series of before and after pictures as well as a video of the procedure, to see why our clients have chosen to complete treatment at Dental & Skin Islington!