How to manage dental fear and anxiety

Whether you had a bad experience as a child or simply from friends talking about their experience in the dentist, most people fear the dental chair. So if you have dental anxiety remember you are not alone.

Anxiety itself is a response to a stressful situation. Many people get anxiety for their first flight, first time leaving home or first time travelling alone and going to the dentist. Most dentist have a special technique to deal with patients who have dental anxiety or fear. They will speak calm and have sympathy towards you to eliminate your anxiety. Once you see your dentist friendly face most of this anxiety will be eliminated.

Here at Dental & Skin we try our very best to make each patient feel comfortable. We like to talk about other things in the dental chair like your last holiday or things you are looking forward to. This helps to keep your mind of the treatment.

We also provide wireless headphone to each patient with a wide selection of music to suit each patient.

Even with the best anxiety technique some patients can’t build the courage to visit for a dental check-up whatever the long term affects are. At Dental & Skin we have a system set up to help these patients. We have a massage therapist on board to give patients a full body massage just before treatment to help them wind down before treatment.

Even if you do not have dental anxiety our aim at dental and skin is to have you feeling as comfortable as possible. If your treatment is likely to be painful your dentist will alleviate the problem and numb the area with a local anaesthetic where the dental treatment is about to take place. We also can provide a numbing gel if you have fear of needles this is place on the injection area so you won’t feel the injection.

At Dental & Skin we understand and are here to help. Talk to a member of our team if you feel anxious about your dental visit and we will do everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible.